Checkstep is a UK-based startup that provides AI products for contextual content moderation on social media platforms.

This round follows a pre-seed round of $1.8 million raised less than one year ago. Dawn Capital and Form Ventures co-led the round with participation from founders GoCardLess and Indeed.

The company plans to use the funds to develop its technology and to expand its marketing and sales efforts.

Guillaume Bouchard, CEO, and Jonathan Manfield (CTO) founded Checkstep in May 2020. It offers an Artificial Intelligence-powered solution for context moderation on social media and enterprise platforms.

Checkstep is currently developing machine learning models that are state-of the-art and integrating third-party solutions for clients. Checkstep empowers human moderators with the tools and intelligence to combat harmful content.

They found the company to combat misinformation propagation at the heights of the COVID pandemic. Since then, it has expanded its focus to address other customer needs. It now covers a wider range of harms like hate speech, Child Sexual Abuse Material, bullying, and spam. It recently developed the features to include copyright management capabilities, as creative platforms are becoming more responsible.

Source; FinSMEs

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