Borgunn Publishing is my Indie Publishing initiative to take care of the intellectual property, deals and other stuff regarding this part of my venture. The Norweigan name is Borgunn Forlag.

First book project – Launching March 31st at “Kickstarter” is “Arctic Recipes” (ISBN 978-82-690256-4-4) I have several hundred recipes from my mother, Borgunn. Many of them are handwritten and represent wild arctic cuisine at its best. I will make the food myself, take beautiful pictures and finance the work at “Kickstarter”. Goal: To make people aware of the fantastic food that we have in the North of Norway.


Please have a look at this video I am working on to promote my campaign (Voiceover and text are next steps) and support my prelaunch campaign on Thunderclap.

Borgunn Forlag keeps the rights to my book and publishes myself using distributor/retailers like Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and Sony, typically retaining 70% of the cover price instead of the 17.5% offered by legacy publishers (for digital editions).

Borgunn is my late mother’s first name. She was a warm and caring person and highly respected in our small community Øksfjord, Finnmark where I grew up. My mom said to me when I was a kid that my path in life was to be a rockstar or a priest. I suppose she would have supported this initiative as well, and I honour her legacy and devotion to me and my brother, dedication my first publication to her.


I am looking for an editor to Borgunn Forlag that can help me related to several book projects that I work on right with now. Want a flat rate (50% at startup / 50% per 30 days after publication) plus commissions linked to sale as a business model.

I am looking for a person with drive, commercial mindset, and experience from editing, at least, one successful international publication.

Please contact me at and use your voice at