Four years ago, I was part of the startup team that developed a strategy that has now resulted in Bsafe being ranked at the top of the best security solutions in the world. 

This reputation has taken many years to build through a consistent focus on product development and user experience. We develop services that are now being prepared for integration in other companies’ platforms and ecosystems.

  • Our vision is to reduce violence and sexual assaults by developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions. We want to help create a safe and sustainable environment for individuals, businesses and local communities. 
  • We have 3 missions; to prevent, handle and document threats, crime, violence and sexual assaults. Our solution will also reduce response time and improve outcome.
  • Bsafe technology makes us a sought-after partner for several of the world’s leading companies and innovators operating in the so-called “sharing economy” and “platform economy”.

Some member of our experienced team;

Ken Roar Riis, Former director in WebStep Solutions

Trond Riiber Knudsen, Investor and former Director in McKinsey

Tor Rune Raabye, Former Major General with 35 years with experience within emergencies and crises

John Christian Elden, Lawyer at the Norwegian Supreme Court

Our business shall provide both financial and sustainable growth and profits. This benefits us all; You, women and their families, local community and society.

Bsafe security solutions

Are you the right Partner or Investor?

We welcome Investors and Partners who identify with our mission to join our journey.

You can download the introductory Bsafe presentation here and learn more about our security solutions. 

Do you want to have a meeting to discuss this opportunity further? You can book a meeting with us here or find more at our landing page.