Expert, Mentor, and Moderator at Gründerklubben

I am pleased to share a podcast featuring Anna Liebel, an expert, mentor, and moderator at Gründerklubben (35 700+ members), and a contributor at Gründervekst – the members’ portal.

– Witnessing so much (unnecessary) overwhelm among the fantastic, smart, and ambitious individuals around me is painful.

– A common mistake lies in the misguided relationship with people’s to-do lists. Therefore, I offer you a slight mindset shift and actionable steps to address that mistake and become better at prioritizing tasks.

In this episode, you will learn about:

1. What a to-do list is A to-do list is often our companion in daily life, a list of tasks we must complete to achieve our goals. But why do so many of us feel overwhelmed by this list?

2. Why it’s OK (and desirable!) to never finish your to-do list First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that it’s entirely OK and, in fact, desirable to never completely finish your to-do list. The goal is not to eliminate all tasks but to manage them effectively and prioritize correctly.

3. Working on task prioritization Instead of viewing the to-do list as a checklist you must complete, you can shift your perspective to working with priorities for the day. Identify the most crucial tasks that need to be done during the day and focus on those.

4. Common mistake of conflicts between the calendar and priorities A common mistake is letting the calendar clash with priorities. Filling the calendar with too many meetings and commitments can lead to the real priorities being deprioritized. Find a balance between commitments and time for focused work.

5. How to stick to your priorities To stick to your priorities, you can use a combination of time blocking, saying no to unnecessary commitments, and regularly evaluating and adjusting your goals.

– Empower yourself with these insights and take control of your to-do list. Remember, it’s not about finishing everything, but about finishing what matters most.

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