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What habits play a role in your life?

Perhaps dieting and smoking spring to mind. But our lives are actually full of many habits.

A minimum of one-third of our waking life powered by our unconscious mind. We operate on auto-pilot, not fully cognizant of what we’re doing while we’re doing it.

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It’s not surprising to find you have many more habits than you might think. Social habits, such as who sits where at the family dinner table; work routines like saying “mm hmm” and “a-ha” during meetings; eating habits that help us sift through multitudes of food-related decisions every day – and the list goes on!

Do you ever catch yourself checking your email for the hundredth time only to discover that, still, nothing interesting has arrived in your inbox? We call this the partial reinforcement extinction effect. Why are we repeating the same action, even without reward?

But there are other habits that you can’t see: habits of thought. If they are negative in nature, we can connect these habits to mental illnesses such as depression.

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Whether thoughts are positive or negative depends on our appraisal of something that happens to us, and sometimes we appraise in unhealthy ways. Imagine you lost your job. If you’re in the habit of perceiving yourself as powerless and culpable, you’ll have trouble fighting the negative emotions that unemployment entails.

Another type of pattern is rumination – when you think about something repeatedly. Some say that retrospection can help us learn from our supposed failures, but there’s a difference between reviewing your experiences and wallowing in the misery and pain of them.

How was your morning today?

To kick-start your day positively can change your life. Foto: Adobe Stock.

On this very morning, you are all set to decide how the day will play out.

You can feel sorry for yourselves, regret yesterday’s mistakes, or maybe define yourself as a victim of this global epidemic or you lift yourself to take another approach with a simple morning ritual;

  • List up at least ten things you are grateful for in life
  • Don’t rush to read the news, but use 10 minutes meditating or praying
  • Take a 30-minute fast walk or run. If you are in quarantine at home, find other ways to make your heart pump
  • Take your vitamins and drink water
  • Have a nice breakfast and a smile

The routine described here is my approach, but define your own one.

“All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, AMERICAN ESSAYIST

Finding the right routine for the early hours will change your day for the better, so why don’t you just start today?

How was your morning today?

Amazon Friday Special


Amazon’s chief Jeff Bezos. Picture: Amazon Inc. edited by Berg Moe.

It has been a fascinating week for Amazon and I have to say I admire this company and management. There is also a frustration related to the fact that I think it will take a while until we will see this company rolling out in Norway. The more or less monopolistic situation we have here should be challenged. That’s why I decided to collect some of latest news just so give a sense of all the stuff that is boiling right now.

Jeff Bezos Is the Richest Person Alive! No, Wait, He’s Not. Well, He Will Be, Anyway

Wall Street giveth and Wall Street taketh, but Amazon’s founder is playing the long game. Hours before Amazon’s second-quarter earnings call came word that Jeff Bezos had surpassed Bill Gates as the richest person in the world. On Thursday Amazon’s stock slipped, in response to the company’s second-quarter earnings miss, and Bezos lost his top spot.

Amazon wants to continue testing grocery stores without human cashiers when it owns Whole Foods

Just because Amazon will own Whole Foods, don’t expect it to stop experimenting with its own cashier-less grocery stores and other grocery sales and delivery offerings.

Amazon’s race to make Alexa smarter

Amazon’s range of smart speakers and their artificial intelligence assistant Alexa have proved to be a huge sale hit. But the product is still a shadow of what the man in charge – Dave Limp – and indeed their owners, hope it will become.

Amazon’s Singapore quick delivery stalls as demand overwhelms at launch

Amazon.com Inc’s Prime Now quick delivery service in Singapore, which launched on Thursday and kicked off its push into Southeast Asia, has been overwhelmed by demand, preventing it from taking on fresh orders.

Amazon launches The Hub locker delivery system for apartment buildings

Amazon has revealed a new delivery locker designed for apartment blocks and other housing complexes that may not have mailroom services to securely process packages.

Amazon earnings miss sends ripples though world markets

Earnings miss by Amazon that hit U.S. technology stocks overnight rippled through into other markets on Friday, with Asian stocks retreating from recent highs and European tech shares opening sharply lower.

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Editor wanted for Indie Publishing Startup


I am looking for an editor to Borgunn Publishing (#indiepublishing #startup) that can help me related to several book projects that I work on right with now. Want a flat rate (50% at startup / 50% per 30 days after publication) plus commissions linked to sale as a business model.

I am looking for a person with drive, commercial mindset, and experience from editing, at least, one successful international publication.

More info at http://www.oddmoe.com/borgunn

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