I am an entrepreneur at heart with a high level of creative and analytical skills. I have wide-ranging experience in jump-starting the process of introducing fresh concepts in new markets and love to make people smile as we move forward.

I am ready to help conquer new ground for great teams and here are the things I am focusing on right now;

  • Helping early stage companies with implementing lean methodology and strategies
  • Help startup companies in their effort getting funded, finding the right partner, and kick-start the cash flow.
  • Generation investment opportunity for my extensive network of investors when the timing is right.
  • Research and content marketing campaigns for Startups, Angel Groups, and Venture companies.
  • Doing talks;
    • Are Norwegian Fat, Lazy, and Beautiful (TEDx Bergen)
    • How to communicate with investors (Wolves Summit)
    • The Norwegian Startup Scene right now
    • Other topics on request
  • Newsletters: Angel Investor Startup Digest (10 300+ subscribers) and monthly New Venture Insights (14 500+ subscribers).

What main tools do I use;

  • A personal network of more than 60 000 people worldwide
  • LinkedIn Premium – Have more than 27 400 connections and rank 1 – 5 % in most of my groups and networks.
  • Facebook personal and company page.
  • My blogs and other publications, you will find here.
  • Twitter: @berg_moe, @entrahouse, and @grunderklubben
  • Events: I have been responsible for organizing events in the following cities: Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Tallinn, Moscow, Reykjavik, New York, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Bangkok.

If you want to learn more about what I can do for you and your organization, please contact me at LinkedIn.com or skype id berg_moe.