I am setting up a private group of friends, entrepreneurs and investors that are up early in the morning between 5 to 6 and that have a passion for food and also want to grow at a personal level.

We will have a few meetups during the year. The next one we are looking forward to is Expo 2021. We will have a long weekend program with friend joining from four continents.

Are you interested in learning more? Book a personal 15 minute Power Talk with me.

Want to lose a few pounds?

526 START is a 36-day program supporting health and reducing body mass and fat. You will get FREE webinars, one motivational email third day, chat with mentors, access to a user group, recipes and more. We are looking for new users, partners and distributors worldwide for this program.

I use products from FitLine and have a look at my webshop.

For decades, researchers have debated whether a low-carb or a low-fat diet is more effective at losing weight. DNews had this story last year regarding the study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, followed 150 obese men for an entire year.

There are no affiliation, sponsorship or other commercial agreements between DNews and 526People.com.

We know that a low-carb diet is a way to go, and I have used it myself to lose more that 8 kg of body mass, but in the long run well balanced, healthy food is the way to go.

Are you interested in learning more? Book a personal 15 minute Power Talk with me.

You are what you eat!

526 START is all about creating a new and healthy lifestyle. If you need motivation, we firmly recommend watching “Food Matters”. This is a documentary film about nutrition. The film presents the thesis that a selective diet can play a key role in treating a range of health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression, often substituting for medical treatment.

It labels the medical industry as a “sickness industry”, which profits more from treating the symptoms of illness than curing the illness.

How to get started with 526 START?

The 526 START program begins with the “white-week”. During the first week, we consume lots of proteins, water, and supplements to keep us full and purify our organism. Just email 526start@bergmoe.com and we help you started today or just book a meeting with me now;


Also have a look at How was your morning today

What does the 526 START-program give you?

1. It provides a significant loss of body mass – which is merely a side effect. Because the program 526 START also helps the body to clean and remove deposits of cholesterol, toxins, and heavy metals and feeds it with vitamins, minerals, and exogenous amino acids. The body then returns to its equilibrium, health, and therefore seeks to get a lower body mass.

2. It supplies the body with vitality and energy – it leaves the body free from contaminants and provides the correct dose of vitamin B, which handles power generation, vigor and the zest for life.

3. It makes the skin smooth and firm – the body fed with amino acids proline and lysine (the essentials for the formation of healthy collagen), and adequate intake of water and electrolytes guarantees incredibly smooth, radiant complexion and supple skin.

4. It provides nutrients essential for healthy and shiny hair, strong nails, and luminous skin. It contains selenium, zinc, manganese which handle the healthy and glowing condition of skin, hair and nails.

5. It helps to lower the levels of fat visceral (an organ – which handles heart disease, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes) and increases hydration.

6. It stops sweet cravings. Significant amounts of chromium and vitamin B regulate sugar and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which effectively de-acidify the body and therefore decrease the demand for sugar and sweets.

7. It changes the eating habits; eliminates salt cravings and maximizes water intakes.

8. It reduces constipation, intestinal problems (gas, bloating), migraines, headaches, depression and many others. How is that possible? Proper diet (completely natural, without allergens) and nutrients in supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) return the body to its “initial state” and leaves it with the active immune system.


Are you interested in learning more? Book a personal 15 minute Power Talk with me.

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